From the fresh spring pansies, to summer roses, to falls brilliant colors or the quiet winter snow scenes - I continue to create illustrations inspired by the beauty of nature.

I divide my time between my fine art and the many illustration projects that come my way. Season to season, something is always on the easel. I work seamlessly between a variety of media. Gift wrap, gift bags, cards, calendars, ceramic cups, photo keepsake boxes, puzzles and posters- the list and variety of products with my art continues to grow. My use of a fresh, clean clear color palette has made my art commercially appealing. Florals predominate but landscapes of all seasons grace products available in nationwide retail outlets.

My illustrations have appeared on products in a number of national retail outlets: Macy's, Target, J C Penney, Dillard’s and Walmart. American Greetings, Carlton Cards, Gibson Greetings, Current, and New England Business Services have all utilized my creations in their lines. Hasbro issued a series of 5 puzzles featuring my paintings.

Watch for my gift wrap designs in fine retail outlets. My expertise in repeat patterns and surface design solutions is extensive. It is always fun to see my art in so many places.


Contact me so that I might talk with you about some of my latest illustration projects or licensing fees. You will find me quite knowledgeable in the requirements and limitations of commercial production. It would be a pleasure to work with you on specially created commissions or licensing for already existing images.

I work hard to keep my art fresh and lively and to keep my skills perfected.

Marian Hirsch
P.O.Box 861258 Plano, TX 75086