The intense, vivid colors and immediacy of application make pastels an individually expressive medium. The brilliance of color is one of the most seductive characteristics for me of the pastel medium. Pastel must never be confused with colored chalks as artist soft pastels are made with pure pigment. My pastel paintings are created using the finest archival materials and professional, fine art grade pigments.

Oil is my medium of choice for plein air work. These field sketches allow me to come home with a poem instead of a blueprint. I love that rich, juicy quality of thickly applied paint. It is the ideal medium to utilize when I paint still life studies in the studio. There are no size constraints which allow for small, intimate size canvasses up to enveloping wall size creations no matter what the subject.

Nothing can compare to the luminosity of transparent watercolor. The works I create using this medium are often small, but the color is rich. The unique freshness and spontaneity of watercolor appeals to me, as well as the constant challenge it presents to paint with verve.

My shop - MHirschArt - on the Etsy Website has all original art created by me with great pride and joy. Look for paintings pleasantly priced so that I can make more room in my studio for new creations. Something is always on the easel and these lovingly previously painted pieces would be a great addition to your collection.